Special Election Day: Feb. 28     Early Voting: Feb. 18–26

Special Election Day: Feb. 28
Early Voting: Feb. 18–26

Meet David

David is a lifelong Westchester resident who has been speaking out as an advocate, and later attorney, on issues that matter most to our community his entire life. As Chair of the New York State Independent Redistricting Commission, Co-Chair of the Westchester Asian American Advisory Board, and a member of the Westchester Human Rights Commission, David has a deep connection to the 12th County Legislative District. David’s advocacy on the County level has been years in the making, but culminated in his assistance in the passage of the Immigrant Protection Act which solidified Westchester’s place as a progressive leader.  David later played a major role in the drafting and passage of the Westchester Discriminatory Harassment Law.  The grandson of Asian American war heroes who served through extraordinary circumstances – one receiving a congressional resolution to come to America despite the Chinese Exclusion Act and the other fighting in the all Japanese-American 442nd regiment against Nazis while fellow Japanese-Americans were in internment camps – David comes from a family of service and will take that spirit with him to the Board of Legislators. David is a graduate of Irvington High School, Dartmouth College, and Columbia Law School. David currently lives in Irvington with his wife and son.