Special Election Day: Feb. 28     Early Voting: Feb. 18–26

Special Election Day: Feb. 28
Early Voting: Feb. 18–26


Westchester Values

As our nation faces threats to our democratic system, David will be a voice for our shared Westchester values and continue to speak out against the rising threats posed by right-wing extremists.  

Affordable Housing

When Westchester County released its latest affordable housing needs assessment, it was clear work needed to be done. David will continue working on the progress made to support more affordable housing here in Westchester so young residents who are looking to start out and those who want to age in place can do so in the comfort of their own communities.



We only have one planet and it is on all of us to do our part to fight back against the existential threat of climate change. David will support policies that will advance our County’s sustainable goals and leave a better tomorrow for future generations.

Efficient Transportation

Westchester County residents need a transportation system that works for them. David will continue to fight for an efficient Bee-Line Bus system and other mass transit options so we can rely less on fossil fuel based cars as we continue getting to all the places we need to be.


Due to rising costs in everyday life, it is getting harder and harder to just get by here in Westchester County. David understands this struggle and will aim to support current County budgets that CUT taxes while INCREASING services.


When the current County administration took office, the County faced a massive backlog of Capital Projects. David will continue the work of Legislator MaryJane Shimsky and support the massive reduction of that backlog that is already taking place. More infrastructure projects means safer roads and increased job opportunities.

Social Justice

The outcry for Social Justice we saw in 2020 can not, and must not, stop there. As a County Legislator, David will continue to be a loud advocate for reforms that keep all residents safe and are inclusive to all that makeup the mosaic of Westchester.

Protecting a Women’s Right to Choose

Westchester County recently passed the Clinic Access Law ensuring dignity and safe access to Women’s health services in our County. As a resident I helped advocate for this important measure and as County Legislator I will continue to fight to protect this law and the fundamental necessity of the right to bodily autonomy.

Child Care

As a young parent, David and his wife, Kate, understand the challenges faced when finding safe, affordable child care options. As County Legislator, David will fight for increased child care funding at the County level to ease the burden on new Westchester families. 

Campaign Finance

David is committed to creating a fair election system in Westchester County that takes money out of politics and puts power in the hands of voters.